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Hacking Baby Monitors

Title: Hacking Baby Monitors

The link below discusses hacking baby monitors, which are typically wireless. Read the story AND find another related link. Post to the blog your thoughts on the link that I provided AND your thoughts on the link that you found. Post the response by Tuesday, January 27 at 11:59pm. Your response will be graded as 2 pts, 1 pt, or 0 pts.

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Wireless Systems Security: WEP Lab

I have at least one typo on the lab, –bsid should be –bssid.  In addition, you can skip the kismet step.  Finally, you can skip the replay attack and just create a lot of pings from PC17 logged in as Wireless-Student with the command fping.

If you use your own wireless card, the device may not show up as wlan0.

One student could not use macchanger on his wireless card but I was able to use that command on the wireless card available for check out.

One team has found a better way to generate traffic.  Good going!  I am sure there are others.

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Security mobile security breaches in 2011-2012

The link below discusses six mobile security breaches. Read all short articles and then post to the blog what you consider to be the most severe breach of these six and why. Post the response by January 24 at 11:59pm. Your response will be graded as 2 pts, 1 pt, or 0 pts.


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