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CSCE 4753 Computer Networks MSE course Welcome

Welcome to the Computer Networks MSE class.

1. Go to and login to Blackboard.

2. Read about the Class Schedule.  Click on Class Schedule to review the class schedule including dates.

3. Review the various formats of the lectures.

4. Click on the Academic Dishonesty folder, watch the video, read the definitions of Academic Dishonesty, and take the Academic Dishonesty quiz.  ***You must do this first before the Assessment quiz will appear.***

5. Click on Assessments on the left menu and take the Assessment Quiz.  The Assessment Quiz does not count toward your grade.  It is designed to measure your knowledge of the area.

6. After taking the Assessment Quiz, you can access the rest of the material.  ***Note that there seems to be a rather long delay after taking the quiz until you can access the materials.  Log out, wait, and log back in.***

7. Click on Module 1.  Read the Goal, download the slides, and watch lecture 1.

All the material is available in Blackboard.  Most, but not all, material is available at my Computer Networks class website below as a backup.  The password is WXYZ.

I have been in the computer networking area since about 1990.  It has been an exciting 23 years.  If you want to know more about my background, my website is below.

Dale R. Thompson’s website

If you have further questions, please contact me.

Dale R. Thompson

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